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About Us

My Story..

I was working in a nursing home located in Saint Albert and quickly became extremely bothered by the appearance of the residents, sitting all day long with their heads bent towards their chest. Daily, I would discuss with management about the residents lack of stimulation and became frustrated by learning "We do not have room in the budget".

As weeks went by, I would take my tape recorder that i brought from home and played music to the group sitting in the lounge area. I was moved by the subtle changes that begun to occur.

When the opportunity came for me to move out of my home, i decided to convert my bi-level to a residential care home. My goal was to provide a home where residents can spend their golden years in love, while adding meaning to those years. Never will i let the residents be left ignored, or live a life without meaning. I have kept my promise and offer residents a home like environment. Each detail of Castlewood Care Homes was designed to provide peace, comfort, safety and a sense of belonging to its community.

Denise Jack

Meet the Staff 

Castlewood Care Homes offers amenities of a nursing home in a smaller residential setting. We put your needs first. Families have the assurance of placing their loved ones in a secure, safe and peaceful environment where the ratio is 2 staff to 6 residents.

If you are providing care to a mom or dad, Castlewood Care Homes is happy to leave you knowing your parents will be cared for with dignity, respect and individuality. 

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